How to Recharge an Open Well with Rain Water Harvesting to Get Rid of Water Scarcity

Water security through well recharge in Kerala , Time to recharge wells with rainwater from rooftops so that each and every households get drinking water from their own well. Let us discuss a simple method of implementing rain water harvesting to recharge your home open well

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People who own at least 3 cents of land can be dug at 2 x 2 x 4 feet deep into the backyard and fill it with metal, sand and brush and leave the pit through the water from the top of the house. The people who have own well in their land can direct the water into the same. The remaning water can be dropped near the well or a little bit and send it down to the rainstorm. We build houses by spending lakhs. Even though the drinking water is knocking down, ten thousand rupees need to be prepared to spend such time. Some have tried and tested the arrangement of the bore well and returned water to it. Those who can afford it must accept that path too. The trees were cut down and destroyed. Some rains still stand still. If it is not enough to save the water from it, then the Malayali can only replace the rainstorm with his grave.

Today the well-recharging unit is ready to arrive in the rainy season and the more people set up the unit and strengthen the underground water resources.

What is Open Well Recharge and How to It ?
In summer, scarcity of drinking water supply is becoming more common in Kerala. Kerala is the most densely populated district. Still, in the summer  water level of the well going drastically down and natural source of water is very limited. The groundwater content in Kerala is declining in general. Kerala has been cautious in ensuring drinking water availability. We get a lot of rain water during the rainy season and the pyre season. They are not adequately addressed in ensuring summer drinking water. Well, the recharge is well done. Specially, if you have purified rains in the scarcity time and stored in wells, you can generate four months of drinking water. 1000 sq. M  roof top with an area measuring 3 lakh liters of water falling rainfall a year. During the peak season it will be 20 percent. Even if it does not store anything, in the 5000 liter capacity tank, it can fetch 40 liters of water every four months in a row. How likely is that? Let's see how to recharge.

How to Recharge Your Home Well
Rainwater that pours on the roof can be flowed down through  PVC pipe to a  "filter tank" This tank can be  made with a brick made of you can use a plastic tank, which is about 20 cm thick on the bottom of the slab, and 10 cm above the sand will be rolled on top. Then you can put coconut charcoal and normal charcoal. Let it be densely covered with a thickness of 10 cm. Connect a pvc tap at the bottom of the filer tank so that you can take the filtered water to your well This is the most simple mechanism to save and preserve precious water.

This will be a big achievement if all the households, who having low water level issue in their wells ,
practiced the wellness system.

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