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A Simple Island Kitchen Model

Kitchen is the one of the most important area that you have to take extra care while building or re constructing your home. Usually house wives spent more time in kitchen for the whole family and makes the entire family happy. So its very important to design a kitchen in a best possible manner with available space.

Normally kitchen spaces are allocated for the following

1: Cleaning area

2: Preparation area

3: Cooking area

4: Storage area

Traditional Kitchen Vs Island Kitchen
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People usually crumble up all these area in a traditional L shaped kitchen. But now days we do have a new concept known as ISLAND KITCHEN which can be incorporated with traditional kitchen giving more space in all the above areas especially for storage.

                                                         Modern Island Kitchen
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Island kitchen layout has got a counter-top along with main kitchen with access from all sides.

Advantages of Island Kitchen:

1)     Can be accessed from all sides
2)     More storage area
3)     Additional space for food preparation
4)     Most importantly an additional dining space for quick meals especially with small and working families
5)     Better interaction with families
6)     Latest designs with a sink, waste disposal cabins etc... 

                                                Modern Island Kitchens with Sink
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Island Kitchen Plans:

              Simple Island Kitchen Layout
     Modern Island Kitchen Layout
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