2 Bedroom Dream Home in 800Sqft for Just 7 Lakhs

Let us see one low budget home which is constructed in just 7 Lakhs. The area of ​​this house is 800 sq ft. The yellowing colors are more sensitive to the place. When the light is well reflected, the space is very high. Space will show up when you use any board for a partition. The coupon must be placed in the display and must be periodically cleaned. The part of the spacecraft was split in the face of this problem.

To determine the number of rooms according to the number of households. Only Mother and Daughter live here. So there are two bedrooms too. While it is a regular guest house, it is wise to build multi-faceted multi-storey rooms. Unnecessary variety will only add to your employer's workload

Today's method is to use glass wherever and wherever it is needed. All of the partition, corridor, and Pargolas are glass. The glass is used only for glasses. Glass in abrasion is best suited to their climate. Here it will add to heat

In the past many households, the rest of the households have found that the rest of the items are folded up. If you think it's a bit creative, we can take advantage of waste materials. If it is tilted, the wall may be finished with the wall. Wood trays are also useful not only for laundry but also for a small chair.

Most are budgeted based on the rate of the square. But the amount of money needed to complete the structure only. The budget is complete if allocations are made for the surrounding area, land preparation, gate, wells, interior, water and electricity connection. We also need to understand the changes in the market price.

Project Facts
Area: 800 Sqft
Cost: 7 Lakhs
2 Bedrooms with Attached Bathrooms

Designer: Sabeer Thirumala
Sindhooram Charity Trust
email : sabeer_nh@yahoo.co.in
Location: Mannanthala, Trivandrum
Article Source & More Detsil @ manoramaonline

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