2000Sqft 3 Bedroom Minimal Home with Floor Plan

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Beautiful Residential project by @architectureseed In.X-Hale Residence Maranchery



Plot - 12 Cent
Area - 2000 Sqft
Car Porch
Sit Out
Formal Living
Family Living
Dining Area
Work Area
3 Bedroom

Site Area : 12 cents
Area : 2000 sq.ft
Year of Completion : 2020
Location : Maranchery, Kerala
Photographer : Link Studio ( @linkstudio.som )


n.X-hale Residence is a private home for a family of three, located in the countryside with plenty of coconut trees and surrounded by lush paddy fields.

The focus of the project was to respond to the context of the site and its climatic aspects. Strategically, two nodes in the form of courtyards were identified along the direction of the wind. The primary node which is the internal courtyard and the secondary node is the external veranda with sit-out courtyard. This node channels the wind towards the interior of the house, thereby making the primary node the “lungs” of the house. To amplify the breath-ability of the entire house, jalli work was incorporated in to the building’s facade ensuring that the house inhales cool breeze and exhales hot air.The In.X-Hale Residence was born


Designing Team Details

Principal Architect : Fazil Moidunny ( @fazil_moidunny )
Architecture Team : Fazil Moidunny , Nisham Mohamed ( @nisham.mohamed )
Mob- +91 9739762602

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