2800 Sqft 3 Bedroom Single-Storeyed Beautiful Home



Plot - 23 Cent
Area - 2800 Sqft
Sit Out
Formal Living
Family Living
work Area

Amidst the lush landscapes of Wandoor, Kerala, stands the enchanting abode of Hafsal and Raheema Quraishi. A heaven for their small nuclear family, this single-story home is an exquisite blend of tropical and modern design.The heart of the house lies in its Center patio, adorned with a celestial Skyview and encircled by an exterior frame graced with wooden shutters. 

 As the sun's warm rays filter through glasses and shutters, the home comes alive with a dance of light and shadows. The bedrooms, family space, and dining area all bask in the beauty of the Central patio, their eyes always drawn to the captivating focal point. Nestled in the embrace of the garden, the bedrooms offer a serene view of nature's artistry, while the rest of the home exudes a timeless charm. Within these walls, memories bloom like flowers, and laughter echoes like the wind, making Haya a cherished sanctuary for its fortunate residents.



Opp:t FARSA RESTAURANT, Manjeri, India, Kerala

Mob - 089435 58505

Email - rishiyasek@gmail.com

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