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Entangled in romantic associations with the exotic tropical theme, the aesthetically pleasing interiors with a soft colour palette weave a sanctum of furnished elegance that manifests into the soul of Sidra home. Browns, greys, whites, beiges and a dash of gentle blues, yellows and greens - pigment the patterned fabrics, artefacts, custom furniture, feature walls, floors, artistic paintings, elaborate lights and dynamic decor. The calibrated grammar of design fosters a spirited kinship with each element.

Step into a realm of architectural splendor where the very essence of design is elevated through the incorporation of double-height living spaces. Our homes are meticulously crafted to embrace the grandeur and expansive allure that these soaring structures bring. Natural light cascades through, illuminating the space and creating a dynamic interplay between form and function. Join us on a journey where every corner tells a story of architectural brilliance, as we redefine the art of living.

Creating kitchens that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetic appeal is a testament to architectural elegance. Our designs not only elevate the cooking experience but also redefine the artistry behind every meal. Each detail is carefully crafted to harmonize form and function, transforming kitchens into sophisticated spaces that inspire culinary creativity

“Step into an oasis of serene simplicity where a soothing color palette and meticulously chosen furnishings converge. This bedroom is a testament to the art of creating a haven that transcends functionality, inviting relaxation. Discover a refuge of tranquil sophistication where every detail harmonizes comfort with understated elegance.” 


Firm Name: Studio Dtail @Studio Dtail

Lead Architect/Principal Architect: Shahbas Tasim Ahamed @Shahbas SH Bz  (habthain)

Designed Team: Studio Dtail @Studio Dtail

Mob - 062829 63432

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